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Updated on 21 May 2019

You are visiting Kane & Company web site. A collection of extremely high quality hand built car models web site. Please feel free to contact us by phone (+852 26005193 ) or by email (info@kanemodels.com) if you have any questions about our products.

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Ferrari 156 Italian GP P. Hill 1961 World Champion New Lotus 97T Portugese GP Winner Senna (New In stock)
McLaren Honda MP4/6 Japan GP 91 Senna (In stock) McLaren MP4/13 Japanese GP (Winner) Hakkinen (In stock)
1/43 JPS Lotus 98T Spanish GP 1986 (Winner) Senna In stock Williams FW15C South African GP 93 (Winner) A. Prost (In stock)
1/12 Ferrari 126C2 F1 Engine (In stock) 1/12 Ferrari 250GTO Engine (In stock)
1/43 Lotus 98T USA GP (Winner) A. Senna 1/43 McLaren Honda MP4/4 Monaco GP (Qualify) Ayrton Senna
1/43 Red Bull RB8 Bahrain GP Winner Vettel (In stock) 1/43 Red Bull RB8 Monaco GP Winner Webber (In stock)
1/43 Red Bull RB10 Canada GP 2014 Daniel Ricciardo (1st) 1/43 Ferrari SF15T Malaysian GP Vettel
1/43 Ferrari SF15T Belgian GP Vettel 1/43 Ferrari FXX Schumacher
1/43 Renault RS01 British GP 1977 1/43 Renault RS01 British GP 1977 (Opened View).
1/43 Ferrari 330P4 Le Mans 67 Berlinetta New 1/43 Ferrari 330P4 Le Mans 67 Berlinetta (Side Opened View). New
1/12 McLaren MP4/4 Italian GP (Winner) Ayrton Senna. New 1/12 McLaren MP4/4 Italian GP (Full Detail Engine).
McLaren MP4/5B USA GP 1990 (Winner) A. Senna 1/43 JPS Lotus 98T Spanish GP 1986 (Winner) Senna
1/12 Lotus 97T Portugal GP 85 Ayrton Senna New 1/12 Lotus 97T Portugal GP 85 Engine
1/12 Ferrari 126C2 Belgian GP 82 Villeneuve New 1/12 Ferrari 126C2 opened body
Ferrari 412T2 Brazilian GP Alesi McLaren F1 GTR Marlboro China 96 New
Williams FW16 Brazilian GP 1994 Senna Williams FW18 Argentine GP 1996 Villeneuve New
Brabham BT46B Swedish GP 1978 Niki Lauda Ferrari F2008 Italian GP 2008 Raikkonen
McLaren MP4/27 Brazilian GP 2012 (Winner) Button Ferrari F2008 European GP 2008 K. Raikkonen
Red Bull RB9 German GP 2013 (Winner) Vettel New McLaren Honda MP4/4 Japan GP 1988 Senna / Prost
Williams FW14B South Africa GP 92 (Winner) Mansell Renault R23 Spanish GP 2003 Alonso
Williams FW28 Italian GP 2006 N. Rosberg's car Ferrari F2008 French GP 2008 K. Raikkonen

Welcome to Kane & Company web site. We have renovated this web site to allow the model car enthusiasts to get to know our products and services deeper as well as all of our information available to you 24 hours a day.

We have been building model cars for some famous model car brand for many years. We build all scale models from 1/43 to 1/8. We also provide model building services for individual collectors who do not have time or skill to build model themselves. If you have kits such as Tamiya, AMR, Renaissance, Tameo, BBR, Provence Moulage, MR Collections, Racing 43 etc... we can convert your kits into built models for you. Please do not hesitate to act now before your kits or decals become yellowish or worn out.

We will continue to update our products and company information to this site from time to time basis so if you don't find the model cars you're looking for please check back often or let us know what you are looking for.

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